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DLT Labs

DLT Labs Company Profile

DLT Labs is a global leader in implementing permissioned and non-permissioned blockchain solutions for enterprises. The company’s leading group of architects, using proprietary DNC Cluster Framework and Parent & Child Smart Contract Architecture, design and deploy distributed enterprise applications with high scalability, security and throughput. With the world’s largest team of distributed application designers and integrators, DLT Labs has extensive enterprise experience and expertise with all distributed ledger/blockchain technologies including Enterprise Ethereum, IBM’s Fabric, R3’s Corda, JP Morgan’s Quorum, and other leading enterprise platforms.


  • • Over 30 Blockchain developers
  • • 12 full stack developers
  • • Global experience architecting and developing end-to-end blockchain solutions
  • • Our leaders have extensive blockchain experience in Canada including with 5 major Canadian    banks, Central Bank of Canada and Payments Canada
  • • Partner of the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd(BIL)
  • • Partner of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • • Partner of Hyperledger and Linux Foundation