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Industries / Sector Using Blockchain

  • Finance - Blockchain has many use cases in Fintech, including transforming regulatory oversight of transactions by giving regulators constant and real-time access to audit and monitor industry participants. Another one is stock trading which is already happening on blockchain platform.

  • Healthcare - Blockchain-enabled health IT systems can provide technological solutions to many challenges, including health data interoperability, integrity and security, portable user-owned data and other areas.

  • Real Estate - Blockchain-based platform could be used to securely record, track, and transfer deeds, to help real estate, title, and mortgage companies benefit from a clean record of ownership, reducing future title search time, increased confidence, and technology.

  • Legal Industry - Law firms that position themselves as blockchain experts will be relied upon by other businesses for guidance and support. Thus, leveraging the opportunity to understand this transformation will provide an edge with the clients.

  • Entertainment Industry - Soon, all transactions involving the creation and sale of music, film & publishing would be on a blockchain structure as it would revolutionize how intellectual property rights in creative works are registered and enforced, and how the holders of these rights are compensated.